How to NOT meet someone's expectations?


Quite international there :D. How was your Valentine's Day? I definately ate too much sweets. That's how a single roll :D.

Anywho, lately I was inspired to write a serious post again. Serious I mean a chatty one (I won't go deep never again ;) ). I've been inspired by the situation that is happening right now in my life and also lives of 99,9% of 19 years olds (wow, I feel like a dusty chest of drawers writing that). And what is it you might say? Well, as the title say: meeting someone's expectations.

I've said it probably in the half of my posts that I'm a senior in high school now, and in almost 3 months (God, that time is running) I will be finishing school. I can't say that I'm not looking foreward to this. Absolutely the opposite, I can't wait for it to be over. Don't get me wrong, high school is probably the best time in my educational life that has happened to me. I met some amazing people, learned a LOT and just had a big laugh. On the other hand I really can't stand the theachers, and just people in general. Believe me, after graduation it will be very difficult for me to not to go to them and say that throughout those 3 years I've been restraining myself from calling them names or saying that I don't give a damn how many hours did they spend on checking my esseys or tests. You created it, you got it! Don't blame us.

Moving back to the topic. As I'm getting closer and closer to the finals I hear more and more about college. Everyone much older than me asks where I want to go or what special courses I'm going to take. And when I say I don't know, oh help me God I get the best advices ever: why don't you study law, or be a doctor, accountant and so on. But no one's question was: would you like to even apply for university?

In those tremendous times you NEED to go to college, you NEED to have a degree. Because without it you're nothing, or you just don't exist. Which is complitely the same. And that what I was saying at the begining: meeting someone's expectations. Our parents, family, teachers, they all expect you to be someone THEY want you to be. And that is colloquially speaking messed up.

On one hand you have to be yourself, and on the other you have to act like everyone else. I mean, where's the logic? Why can't we just do what we want? Why there always has to be that one person, who has everything planned out for you (ekhem parents ekhem)?

This post was supposed to be about how to not meet someone's expectation and the best technique is to just ignore what society says you should or have to do and do what you always wanted (within the law ;)). If you have any dreams, make them happen. One of mine is to open a bakery and a cake shop. And for that I don't need a degree, just money. And it's not something that anyone's ever thought about. That sometimes to have a dream job you don't need college.

What do you think? Let me know down in the comments if you survived through this long post :). I'd love to read your opinions!


P.S. I know that I said it won't be deep, but I think I just spoke on everyone's behalf,so ... ;).

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