My 5 Travel Essentials.

Hello everyone!

I'm back from holidays in Slovakia! Man, I had a great time, but as always you have to go back home and face the reality. I'm missing Slovakia already :( . Very soon you will find out what I was up to there- some photos and a vlog (hopefully). 

Keeping up with the travelling vibe I decided to share with you my 5 travel essentials. And I'm not going to talk about passports, money and so on, because it's obvious. Instead I'm going to show you things, that I never leave without, whether it's a long journey or just a short one. Enjoy!

1. Headphones
As you all know I love music, it's a big part of my life (you can follow me on Spotify here). And whenever I'm travelling I need to listen to some good tunes to keep my mind of the journey. And also to not get bored. Not gonna lie, sometimes when I forget that I'm not alone on a train or a bus I lip sync and I usually get weird looks from the strangers. Well, what you're gonna do when your jam is playing?

2. Eye Mask
This is an essential if I'm travelling by car or plane, because I only sleep there. And I'm that kind of person, who has very shallow sleep. That means every sound or light wakes me up immediately. It's always a pain for me to fall asleep whilst travelling, but an eye mask helps me with that problem. So I always take it with me.

3. Hand Cream
I always keep a hand cream in my bag. I have very dry hands and whenever I'm washing them I need to use a moisturizer. The one I'm using is by Bath & Body Works and it smelles absolutely amazing.

4. Snacks
Me and no food never get along. Whenever I'm hungry I'm not even grumpy, I am a bitch :D. So I need at least a small snack to keep me alive during the travel. Usually I have a smoothie or recently I've been obssesed with rice crackers. Especially with peanut butter and jam. Oh my God, they are sooo good you need to try!

A good book in my backpack is always a must-have for me. Whenever I read I feel like the time goes faster, so it makes the travelling going faster. And again I don't get bored. The most recent book that I've read is called Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë and I absolutely loved it! I was reading it when I was at Mary's house 3 weeks ago. And now I'm reading Wuthering Hills by Emily Brontë.

Tell me what are your travel essentials down in the comments!


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