The 'Great' Comeback!

Hello everybody!

Holy mother, it's been a looong day without you, my friends! Or should I say long 3 months... But really, those 3 moths were terrible, believe me. Studying hard, constant stress and existential crisis made a huge impact on this blog- no posts for such a long period of time. Fortunately them final exams passed as quickly as they came meaning I have not 2, not 3, but more than 4 months of vacation. Thank you God for senior year in high school :D!

So I'm back. And I'm feeling great writing here again, hopefully without any break, or at least without a long break. I really really missed this, and you, my readers.

So a lot happened since I last posted. A lot of drama and a lot of hapiness. But today I will be focusing more on the positive side, because I want to start with a good kick. First of all, I got my high school diploma! And the grades aren't that bad, with 3.9. Oh I wish I got to 4, but luckily the grades don't matter when getting into university (how stupid). Also the graduation was very emotional. My tutor cried, some of my classmates cried, I cried. On the other hand everyone was happy that this torture ended. Teachers too :D. Maybe someday I'll visit them like: what's up, I'm back bitches :D. Who knows ;).

My graduation.  Don't know what Mary's doing there.
Mary's graduation. Again, can't you just smile, Mary?
And the worst part, final exams. To be honest the first and the last days were the worst, because I was so stressed out. But then it went very smoothly. Even though I was preparing for it my whole life, I know that I didn't do so well as I expected. But at least I did my best, so it can't be that bad. The results will be released on 6th July and also it's the day when I will know if I got into university. The most awaited day of my life.

Moving on, after those stressful 2 weeks I got my haircut. And I wouldn't be writing about it if the change wasn't so drastic. I cut more than 20cm of my hair! First I thought that I cut a little bit too much, but I loved it. And then, when I saw the photos from the past, ehh... But now I'm very very happy. I forgot how comfortable it is to have short hair. And it feels so much healthier and stronger. I'm happy :).

And the last thing I wanted to talk about is the greatest week of the year, which was last week. I spent the entire 7 days at my bff's house, Mary. She lives outside of the city, which makes it a great place to run away from the constant noise, pollution and crowds. I was so relaxed, can't even remember the last time I was that chilled. We ate a lot of good food, read books, listened and danced to music and to finish it all, Mary's 18th birthday party (she's a year younger than me)! Can't believe how fast the time flies. And she's doing her driving license now! Soon she will be driving us around, and I will be the dj :P.

So yes, that's how my life has been. I'm currently spending as much time as possible doing things that I love: reading, walking, watching series and movies, drawing, biking, cooking and so on. In less than 2 weeks Mary and I will go on an adventure with my parents, so maybe you'll be expecting some kind of vlog. Who knows ;).

But now I have some post ideas prepared, so don't worry, I won't leave you again! I hope you had a great time without me and I hope it will be even better now that I'm back.

Love you loads,

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