Long awaited life update.


Please, don't kill me. I know, I shouldn't promise anything, especially on this blog. But you know me and my 'keeping my promises' skills. They SUCK :D! Believe me, they're better in real life ;).





Wow, it has been like what, 2 months? Let me check... oh, yes. Well, I could go on about why I wasn't posting anything, but I rather tell you what I've been up to for this passed 2 months. 

Starting with July.

The most important thing: final exams' results. Oh God, I thought final exams alone were stressful, but no. The day that results came was as stressful as my polish exam. I didn't even check them online. I waited until I picked them up from school and firstly gave them to Mary so she could see them before me. 
And I was shocked. I did so well! Not to bragg or anything :D. But to be honest I don't think I have ever been so proud of myself. 

So after applying for uni I started looking for summer job. And I found it. For 2 months I was working as I a kitchen assistant in a bakery/cafe. It was amazing! Even though I was working my ass off ( I was waking up at 4am), the people I was working with made sure I was enjoying every single second of it. Seriously. I was laughing every single day. And I also gained a lot of experience. Definately won't forget this job!

Sticking with food, in a lastest post I said that I'm slowly moving to veganism. And I did it. Somewhere in the beginning of July I became vegan. It was one of the best decisions in my life. Although there are some downsides like deciding what to eat or eating out, the list of benefits is twice as long. I've never felt so good! To be honest from time to time I have something that isn't vegan, but it happens so rarely as animal products actually make me sick now. I'm planning on writing some posts about veganism so stay tunned!

And last but not least I turned 19! Ehh, not gonna lie, feeling even older. But I had a really good time. It was probably the best birthday I've ever had :).

Moving to August.

At the beginning of the month me and Mary went on our second trip to Tricity. It was amazing! We explored the cities, ate amazing food, discovered new places and just spent the time of our lives. 
And then not long after we came home I had to say goodbye to her as she was leaving for uni to Netherlands. It was the most difficult goodbye in my life. But we still keep in touch as often as we used to :).
On the happy note though, I got into uni! I'll be studying management at the University of Warsaw and I'm starting it in October. Can't wait! Although I'm pretty scared because I don't know what to expect. I already met some people from my year on a trip organised by my department and they seem really cool. Hopefully the course itself will be cool :).

And what is happening now?

Well, I'm enjoying the last month of my holidays before starting uni. I'm actually sick right now, so I can't fully appreciate the free time. At least that illness made me start blogging again because of the boredom. I can't tell how much I will be blogging though. I hope as much as I can. 

So yeah, that's my life pretty much since July. Hopefully I will see you very very soon. I already have so many post ideas, maybe they will be worth posting :). 

To all of you who started school, have fun! And to those who haven't, lucky you!

See you soon!


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