I think it's too late for a 'New Year, new me post' kinda thing

Hello everyone!

Or should I say anyone? It's been so so long since I posted anything here, so I don't know if at least one of you stayed. Probably not :D. When I think about my last post I feel like that meme with old lady saying: It's been 84 years hahaha.

So you might think what happend. Why I stopped blogging and why I decided to start it again now. First of all I stopped beacuse life got in the way. I didn't do this for money, not that I'm going to now, but it was way easier to quit it for a bit. I'm studying in University now, consequenlty I focused all of my time to study. OK, I also did party a bit. At least I'm honest!

And that how it went. I didn't even try to write a post, but I was still thinking about it. More days passed and less I cared if I posted anything or not. And not only here, on my blog, but also on Instagram too. It started to feel like I did actually quit and I didn't intend to come back.
But after New Year's and that 'new year new me' came around I thought maybe it's time to at least write something. This thought was running through my mind for 4 months and now I finally sat in my chair, in front of my computer, fresh spring breeze coming out of my window and felt like I'm ready to raise my voice again. And since I had no hobby that could fill my bored free time (I stopped reading, baking and working out) I was miserable. For the passed 3 months I've been constantly wasting my time on watching TV or Youtube videos. I didn't see my friends so often and I just wasn't in the mood for going out at all. That made me very lazy (fat too :D jk) and tired all the time. It got to the point, where I was not happy with this situation. But I was so used to this routine, that I didn't want to stop it.

And what do you do when you don't feel like it? You force yourself! I know, a bit harsh. But it's true. If I am the only one who actually have a control over my life and I am in 100% responsible of what I do to myself, then why don't I change it for better?

That made me think, and kept me awake at night.

So yes. Not only this is a fresh new start (or contunuation) of this blog, but it's also a fresh new start for me. Who said new year's resolution should be made in the begging of the year? You can always make changes in your life and don't wait for 'next week on Monday' or 'next month' or even 'next year'. Do it now! The only thing that is stopping you it's you!

I feel like this post turned from an update to an uplift :D. But anyway, that's my story. I'm hoping that all that rumble makes sense and is well written- written in proper English. This happens when the only english you hear is from TV or Youtube. And let's be honest, not the best source of grammar :D.

To end this essay I hope you're having an amazing time, whether you're in school, work or on holidays (if it's the last one I'm so jealous!). Let me know btw!

And that is it for today. I hope and I know that we will see each other soon, in a more positive post.

Have a great day!

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