Being sick for 2 weeks is fun!

Yes, that was a sarcasm. I absolutely hate being sick and it happens very rarely. Everytime i get even a little cold i do everything to make it go away. The thought of laying all day in bed, feeling pain all over my body is not my kind of thing. I would rather go to university and be busy all the time. I'm just that kind of person who can barely stand doing nothing for 2 hours, i just have to make myself busy all the time. Cause i love being productive.

Anyway, the reason i was absent for so long is i have purulent tonsillitis. And the only way to cure it is to stay at home and take antibiotics, which make my head hurt so much.

So yeah, for the passed almost two weeks i had to suffer, but now i feel much much better. Finally! Unfortunately i couldn't do anything, i didn't exercise or go to university. And also i ate so much junk food you can't even imagine.

But after all i feel energised and actually can do something, even go out. That also means i can blog again! So prepare yourselves for the next week post!


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