Getting Back to Running / Finding Motivation.

If you're an old reader you remember how last year i was addicted to running. I ran at least 3 times a week (usually 4). I ran so often that in less than a month i extended my distance from 2km to 8km and cut my pace from 7'59''/km to 5'28''/ km. So you can say i was pretty good at it. But unfortunately winter came, it was more difficult to run in a cold ass weather. Consequently i stopped working out at all. Not even at home.

When you do so much exercise, especially cardio (which is my favourite) you build you're strengh but mostly efficiency. Your body is getting use to longer runs or longer bike rides. You don't even feel tired or out of breath anymore. And this is why i was into running so much. I felt happier seeing my results after making so much effort. It made me a lot of pleasure, cause my body was releasing so much endorphins, also called happines hormones.

So not working out at all after all of this hard work resulted in misery. My body got lazier, weak and i became more grumpy and tired all the time. I also gained some weight, which also made me feel bad with how i looked. I couldn't even see my strong muscular legs. Summing up i was unhappy.

I even tried to sign up to the gym, but i felt like i was stuck in this little room, not knowing what i should do and begging for some fresh air, because i absolutely love working out outside. So that didn't work out.

Luckily winter ended and spring started coming in. But not my motivation. I still didn't feel like going for a run, cause i was so used to staying home and laying on my cauch all day. I wasn't motivated at all. And once, when i forced myself to do this, i couldn't even run 2km i was that unfit. So it made me more miserable.

More and more days passed, weather started to be warm. And i started to miss going outside, i thought that i'm missing out on such a beautiful weather by staying home. Also #summerbody, i thought it would be the last chance to lose weight for summer. So i gave it a go, but this time i decided to start slowly, 3min run 3min walk. And it really worked. I didn't want to spit out my longs, my knees didn't hurt as much. I felt refreshed and relaxed.

And since then i'm still running, at least 3 times a week. I lost some weight, i see my missing before leg muscles. But more importantly i enjoy it and it brings me so much happines.

So if you're trying to find your motivation just remember how you feel after a workout. In my opinion not everyone is made to work out. If you really don't feel well after some exercise (considering you've tried at least couple of times, even a light workout) then it's not for you. Exercising should make you feel great, not terrible. It should bring you joy, not misery.

Sometimes people find motivation in losing weight. In my case it kinda worked out, but it just got me started. It's obvious that once you start exercising, you should continuosly do it. Not only to maintain muscle mass, but also to maintain you're efficiency. I really felt bad when after all of this hard work i went back to the very beginning.

Hoping it will finally encourage you to work out, or maybe not. It should make you feel happy, not be dragging you down!

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