My Mindful Evening Routine.

Recenlty i've finally decided to create an evening routine, which would be relaxing and mindful. Meaning for at least 2 hours i would complitely turn off my thoughts and just focuse on the moment. Everyday after a run or an exercise (yes, i'm finally back at running and i'm gonna write a separate post about that) i have a stress-free time, when i only think about how i'm feeling. And i'm going to show you what i do.

1. Long warm shower
I've never been a bath lover, but i do love a good shower. Especially a very warm and long one. It really soothes tight muscles and just feels so cosy and good. Sometimes I can stand there for 30 minutes :D.

2. Making the bedroom cosy
Everyday, after the shower i clean my bedroom, make the bed, turn on lights above my bed and also light some candles. When everything around you looks nice and tidy you also feel nice. Mess can sometimes make me even more stressed, so it's a necessary part.

3. Reading a book
Yes, i'm back into reading too. I'm currenlty reading David Copperfield by Charles Dickens and i really like it. I think reading is the best way to forget about everything, because you are consantly focused on the plot of the book. You use your imagination throughout the whole book, and it's easy to be dragged in by it.

4. Listening to calm music
As you all know i love loud music, but it can be too loud when i try to calm down. That's why every evening i listen to a piano music, preciseli to a Spotify playlist called Piano in the Background. I always loved the sound of this instrument and it really does make me chill.

5. Meditating 
Is what i've been doing very recently before bed. I was very sceptical about it at first. But one day i decided to give it a go and the same day i felt asleep instantly and slept like a baby. It's so soothing. Laying down, without any sound and move can help loads. So i really recommend it!
The app i'm using is called Simple Habits. I came across it while searching for such an app. It's really easy to use and has everything i need. (not sponsored).

That's all of my mindful routine. I hope it will help you with creating your own mindful routine!

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